It's time for Medical Insurance Companies in Oregon to cover Autism Treatment

Autism Health Insurance Reform: ACTION Alert – Ask Ways and Means to support SB365!

URGENT ACTION:  Ask Ways and Means to support SB365A NOW!

SB365, the autism health insurance bill, passed the Senate Health Care Committee by unanimous vote. It’s now in the Joint Ways and Means SubCommittee On Human Services, to look at the financial impact to the state. Getting SB365 passed out of Ways & Means is the last hurdle before a vote by the full Senate, and we’re optimistic about our chances there.

We’ve been able to get a hearing on SB365 in which several key things went well – the budget estimate came in at a reasonable cost, and several insurance companies testified in support, which we greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, it’s not clear that the committee will agree to schedule a vote – and time is now running out.  The SubCommittee shuts down next Tuesday, June 18th.  We must get the committee’s approval by then, or the bill is dead.

We need EVERYONE to contact the members of the Ways and Means committee NOW to urge them to support SB365.

A sample e-mail message is below, along with the e-mail addresses for the committee members. Please personalize the message if you’d like to show the impact that this issue has on you – but please contact them ASAP.

Please forward this message to friends and family in Oregon who may want to send emails too.We’ll be in touch shortly to let you know how things are going, and what we’ll need you to do next.

Thanks for your help!


Paul Terdal

Sample E-mail Message in support of SB365A – Autism Health Insurance Reform:

[Please feel free to modify this, or insert details about your own story]



Please support SB365A – Autism Health Insurance Reform


Dear members of the Joint Ways and Means committee,

Thank you for hearing SB365, the Autism Health Insurance Reform bill, in Wednesday’s meeting of the Joint Committee On Ways and Means SubCommittee On Human Services.

SB.365 establishes the process by which health benefit plans, including private plans, PEBB, and OEBB, pay for medically necessary, evidence-based treatment for patients with autism. It would also create a licensing board within the Oregon Health Licensing Agency for providers of applied behavior analysis therapy, to ensure that patients receive quality, effective treatment from capable providers.

[insert your own story here about how this has affected you or your family, if you’d like]

There are nearly 9,000 children in Oregon who are on the autism spectrum. Every year, 600 more children are diagnosed with autism in Oregon. The State of Oregon is currently spending $200 million or more, per biennium, on special education and community services for children and adults with autism.

With effective, early intervention many of these children will be able to make substantial gains and require fewer services as they get older. Providing these individuals with the right care at the right time will save the state money.

Please schedule a work session on SB365 – and give it your vote of support.  Thousands of Oregonians on the autism spectrum and their families are counting on you.

Thank you for your support!

[add your name and physical mailing address]


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